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Kabir Kadre

Days of fullness

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 10 months ago

Head spinning, feeling the humidity of the day, and recognizing (finally) the yellow light in the evening sky as smoke from the terrible fires far north of us, the 7 o’clock hour approaches and I rest, as if exhausted under the fullness of this late August Thursday.

The bulk of the day was spent completing a STAGES assessment report for a client – there is so much depth in a person that can come through these instruments, it’s as though I’ve spent hours today working both in a deep psychotherapy and high aspirational life coaching intensive retreat.

I feel well used.

Through the kindness of a friend I was offered admission to a very sophisticated presentation on “Our Energy Future” right up to the very moment of its start, I thought there was no way I could find the time but when the time arrived I decided instead that there was no way I could let it go.

Patience, with her lunch, joined me and even LB wandered in, nursing a nascent inquiry into some wider systems views. The three of us sat in astonishment learning about the incredible force being brought to bear in terms of economics and technology on this massive area of our collective evolution. “No need to despair, and no time to waste.” Seems to be the admonition for our collective action.

The morning was spent first in meditative darkness after a good rest, and then in the slow but careful process of rising under the healing hands of Ms. Patience who is with ever-increasing grace and skill caring tenderly and lovingly for my person.

While my body continues to recover from the variety of recent disarray, the going is gentle and slow. In the outward sense – the house and team still requires a great deal of my direct attention as we cohere a new level of well-being. In the inward sense, my health sustains and perhaps even gently increases in integrity.

Nonetheless it was not before 10:30 AM that I was able to join the active side of the world. While we tended to my body, we listened, intermittently discussing the conversation between Daniel Thorson and Zak Stein framing American cultures psychotic break!

While I’m not sure I loved the metaphor, I certainly found the dialogue worth following and in fact intend to reach out to Zak directly to follow-up as he and I share an interest in the developmental field and have some nice intersecting friends in common.

Rising late I managed my way through some basic clerical infrastructure needs for the bulk of the morning, a task I needed actual hands to complete which meant that I had the privilege of enjoying a more close engagement with Miss Patience for most of the day.

It is evening, light falling from the sky, Ms. Cassandra is here to help wind things down, and LB is around somewhere, lending his love to the atmosphere of the place. It’s a busy moment following a new moon.

A thumping base from MIA in the corner, contrasts against the bubbling stream sounds coming in the front door, and the distant freeway din making its way through the open office window on the evening air.

I’ll cut back the melatonin tonight, optimistic to sleep soundly…

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