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Kabir Kadre

Daylight savings time, can we quit it?

Kabir kadre|2 years, 3 months ago

Is there anyone who doesn’t hate daylight savings time? Oh sure, many people I don’t doubt have no hate in their hearts for this. A better question might be with anyone mind if it died?

Certainly not me. Five years ago the question was put quite pointedly, “How is this still a thing?” And yet here we are, screwy clocks and odd daylight once again.

I suppose I offer this gripe today simply because I had the unfortunate pleasure to witness the deed. After a late evening yesterday, retiring to sleep just after 10:30 PM, I found myself once again awake just three short hours later. No tossing and turning for a paralyzed body, just stillness and awake. The minutes ticked by and there I was at 1:57 AM counting down the minutes until the time flipped from 1:59 AM to 3 AM. Perfectly sensible.

It’s one thing if we feel like that is an hour stolen from our sleep, quite another to watch the thief in action.

I suppose one day I’ll be a man of luxury and in that good state will undertake the cause to undo this absurd fetish with the clock.

Until then, other things…

Rising was hard today, Brittni and I doing our first solo dance together on the details of that poor night’s sleep. I think I did manage to doze again sometime after 4 AM, and 7 AM came like a lead blanket. I woke to my alarm 10 minutes after the hour in a start, realizing Brittni had yet to have been granted an access code to the lock. I sat up, still asleep, and opened the door, through the grace of technology, from my phone.

A moment later I heard her coming through it, and was 90% back to sleep almost just as fast.

I stole another 90 minutes of rest from a busy day. Recognizing that I’ve been running all systems at full throttle quite literally since my return from the hospital, it seemed wise to honor a little lethargy at the edge of the envelope.

Once we get started, things went fairly smoothly. I am cognizant of the current discontinuity in the state of my care. Traditionally training new partners is something we have taken a luxury of time with. Four or five, even six days of observation and supervised participation has been the norm in order to bring people into the fold graciously and gracefully.

I think it’s true that most working environments are real human relational spaces and there is a certain kindness in allowing those relationships to take hold and bond a certain kind of pace of integration. More common today I think is a more mechanical version where an individual coming into these working environments as a new participant is treated more like a machine part that may need some fine-tuning for fit, but is generally expected to simply plug in and start working. Is it any wonder that human relations and politics are so often the points of failure in our enterprise?

Today our new care partners are coming in fast and hot, minimal observation before a handoff of the hard basics. This creates an interesting dynamic as the polishing of their integration falls to me and they in partnership. The trick here is that that leaves two of us who have never held the role of caregiver in the system to refigure out any details that may not have been picked up on the way in the door.

Tomorrow morning I’ll have to call the nursing agency and the doctor’s office once again to ensure we are moving towards the reinstatement of skilled care lost when we entered the hospital, but critical to getting my suprapubic catheter changed. With luck that’s not an issue, however we are a week overdue on the basic checkup for that.

It’s on my mind this evening as my body has been in a certain state of discomfort for the last few hours, the source of which remains ambiguous. Perhaps the sandwich I had for lunch failed to quite agree with the digestive system, or maybe something more sinister with the catheter, or something else…

I did finish, with the help of a few dear friends, the first phase of the consulting contract I’ve been working on. It took just one day longer than anticipated and leaves me feeling settled and ready to return to the various other business streams of the coming week; most of them related now to clarifying determinations on what next for Kabir…

In other news today, Ahlea and family came by. My nephew Elliot and I enjoyed some time together coloring, birdwatching, and taking in a few YouTube videos of varying degrees of absurdity. Meanwhile Ahlea and Thomas undertook the service of taking the car out for a spin to capture some good photos for the upcoming For Sale spot.

The manifestations of transformation continue to circle inward…

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