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Kabir kadre|2 years, 1 month ago

10:30 AM on a Friday, feels like a late morning. I turned in early last night, omitting the melatonin dose I found it a little harder to drift off and woke more during the night. Ultimately spending the hours between 3:30 and 6:30 AM in meditation and listening to a Jack Kornfield lesson before a novel experience of drifting off again for the midmorning hours.

Just after 6:30 AM I found that I could close my eyes landing directly in a dream. I was still awake, aware of being awake and lying in bed and aware of the room around me, but I also had access to the contents of the dream and could exploit for a moment before stepping out and back into a new scene. A feeling of gratitude swept over me as I realized this meant I could get a little more rest and I relaxed, drifting off to sleep again for a few more hours.

Fridays and Saturdays typically start a little later anyway as Caitlin doesn’t arrive until 8 AM. After a quick text for me and a moment’s beat, she rolled through the door, smiling behind her mask and the loving greeting followed by an atmosphere of playful banter that is our common routine began.

Yesterday continued the theme of dialogic engagement that has been the tone of the week. Having sensed an intuitive connection to a partner from the breakout room of Monday’s Visionary Sessions engagement, I had reached out and we had scheduled to connect yesterday afternoon. We hadn’t specified time for the dialogue and it had just landed on my calendar as the default hour-long appointment.

The morning was spent primarily focused on exploring David’s emerging approach to the multi-capitals of care, a part of our MettaCare dialogue that begins to open up a multidimensional awareness of where care flows from, through, and to in the field of an individual. For example, recognizing the benefits of nature right alongside banking relationships, neighborhood support and engagements, and once orientation to faith and spirituality.

After a nice breakfast outside with Caroline, I retired to the office to dust off some clerical tasks and then threw myself for the remainder of the morning and early midday into diagramming my own first glance at that multi-capital field. I feel like I’m collecting the various stones and twigs from the forest floor towards organizing a full description of an invitation to care that starts with the individual and expands to their own practical bioregion, and by virtue of that integrity, beyond.

I’m looking forward, this afternoon to a dialogue with another new friend from the VS community, a man who works extensively with bioregional cooperative, extending network into wider spaces of care for the health and well-being of the soil with a particular focus on agriculture. I’m hoping to gain insight from this new collaborator around the construct of those cooperative care commons spaces, and trust at the very least I’ll enjoy getting to know a little better this wise elder.

After completing the first draft of the multi-capitals of care map, I took a quick lunch before jumping on the video with Chryssa for an hour. I didn’t know what to expect there, as we had both been acting towards that engagement on a sense of inspired intuition, just responding to some gentle flow of the cosmos.

Somewhere through the morning, Mike and I had tossed back and forth a few texts and were planning to connect by video after my call with the new friend. Little did I know

3 1/2 hours later, after laughing and sighing, storytelling, deep reflection, and various generosities we parted ways, planning to meet again on Saturday so that I might be exposed to an emerging healing process coming through one of the many facets of her remarkable work in the world.

Needless to say, I did not expect that, but am not surprised as the way things have been unfolding my experience of the past few months, serendipity and grace have been distinctly present.

Today I’ll turn my attention to the usual Friday catch up on accounting and finance, miscellaneous general clerical to do items, and the monthly community engagement of the Project Apollo growing cohort.

Still feeling my way into this process of writing in the morning, I often feel a little distracted and torn to “get started” with the day, as if writing failed to offer anything meaningful and was just something to get in the way. There is an inherent values inquiry in the experience and I’m glad to be up against the edges of it now.

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