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Kabir Kadre

Catching a breath…

Kabir Kadre|2 years, 6 days ago

I think I’ve somewhere near caught my breath after the tilt a whirl of the last week.

Two core staff members have left, and a third will finish her tenure here on Saturday afternoon. The fourth and final care partner, the always incomparable Miss Cassandra, will begin reducing her hours in the next 7-14 days, likely down to one day per week.

I’ve become somewhat familiar with not just one, but three independent care staffing agencies, and have exhausted the city hotline for guidance in these matters.

For now I have an LVN in the morning and evening to help with some of the finer points and the transfers to and from bed, and semiskilled agency care workers (mostly Carla 🙂 during the daytime for those shifts not currently filled by my longer-term friends.

We’ve hired two folks, one has trained one day, but comes equipped with enormous skill in the field, in fact having even started her own home care agency at least once in the past. The second is a pleasant Mason from the Philippines, and with luck I will interview three more folks today.

For now, care has stabilized, at least for me. Just today I was able to get my head wrapped far enough around the process to introduce Carla to our formal to do list, and this evening I might figure out the nuance of online grocery shopping.

The air is fresh and brisk today, the skies clear blue with wispy clouds floating about the upper layers. The sun is nonetheless intense beating down through my freshly shorn hair, and I do mean shorn. A few moments in the direct light produces a fiery tingling sensation on my scalp.

Signs of heart have begun to trickle in again as well – of course there have been those in extinguishable candle flames that have burned beside me throughout this time of darkness, but now the operator begins to open and more love from the world begins to pour in.

This afternoon I will enjoy the privilege of a sacred healing session with a new global friend and personal advocate, and Saturday I’ve been invited to play with another new friend as he sets out on the road to YouTube/podcasting, “Dialogues from the Heart.”

The rest of the day today I’ll likely focus on advancing the crowdsourced bridge funding to continue building out the MettaCare initiative to the point where we are ready to launch Phase 1. The world couldn’t be more ready for contributions any of us may have to make to the widest possible conceptions of the field of Care.

Today feels a bit like a calm in the storm. It seems uncanny from here, the tone of the day and surrounding events, even with coronavirus pandemic spikes looming in the news, somehow – at least from my perspective – quite distinctly shifted from those moments of the eclipse window, summer solstice, and lunar eclipse of last week and the weekend.

The wind chimes dance outside, the breeze slightly more than soft, the house stands open with sounds of the nearby stream bubbling in through the front door.

I still feel as if a bit my feet are stretching to reach the ground, quite the distinct metaphor when I spend my life with them hovering just 2 inches up on the footplate of my wheelchair as I travel about. For some reason it never quite struck me before but it landed the other evening that I might very much like to find someplace to put my bare feet down in the dirt, an otherwise ordinary event that for me and I suspect countless others have not sensed or seen for many years. Now that it’s in my brain, I’m quite looking forward to it.

I woke, not quite perfectly well rested this morning, but fair enough to feel present. Near dawn my body had some reaction, likely it seems to digestive processes – I haven’t been very disciplined about keeping up on my probiotics while on this bend of antibiotic care, and that always plays a little familiar havoc with the digestion.

Carla looked up a few moments ago, “water?” She asked. A perfect reminder and a handful of probiotics went down moments later.

Breakfast was late as the skilled care couldn’t arrive until 9:30 this morning, lunch is next.

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