Kabir Kadre
Kabir Kadre

Cassandra’s birthday

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 9 months ago

My body is cold and stiff, the shadows on the ground darkened as the sun is just now beyond the horizon. I’ve spent the last three and half hours in the courtyard upfront, and the most recent of those hours has taken the warmth from my body.

Taken the warmth from my body, but not from my spirit. Indeed, that is another story altogether. Preet has been telling stories to our mutual friend Alexis, it has been too long since I’ve seen Preet, but Alexis just stopped by this afternoon.

The Lady P and I started the day intentionally a little late today, everything has been in motion lately, everything has been strained. Not to put a positive or negative spin on things, just strained, just something to be mindful of, good reason to start the day a little slow and move carefully.

Once up and break fasted, she and I and the dog and the young man all jumped in the car to run errands – mostly centered around collecting Cassandra’s favorite raw donuts to surprise her for her birthday this evening.

A stop at the grocery store, further introducing LB to the joys of conscientious shopping; then down the road to the specialty shop for the main event, and then on to visit the lovely lady A and pick up some power tools, a necessary key to unlock a coming cascade of projects clearing from the house.

First we build the gate and the fence out front, then, lumber removed from the garage, remove the extraneous materials from the house and organize spaces to suit this new configuration of people and time and space.

We made it back to the house just after 2 PM. Alexis had already started teasing that he might make it by today.

A word by text to young Stephanie, still unwell, though managing and waiting for test results.

It’s been a long haul for Patience over the last 10 days and her daughter was coming this evening for driving lesson. She went to lie down, and the house went quiet. I puttered around waiting for Vanessa to show up for her next training engagement this evening.

She arrived a little after 3 PM and we started puttering through the systems, helping to acclimate to various tasks and ways of seeing and tending to the space. By 4 PM we were outside in the front yard, yet unaware of just what was brewing.

By the time Cassandra arrived at 5 PM, her good karma had manifested a full-scale and spontaneous birthday party! First to arrive was Devin for her driving lesson, she disappeared into the house looking for mom. A few moments later, Eliana presented herself, smiling broadly behind her mask and bearing literal bushes of fall fruit harvest!

Dragon fruit, passionfruit, grapes, apples, two kinds of figs, and I’m sure I must’ve missed one, virtually filled our little three-person café table, piled high.

Alexis was next, we’ve been playing tag for months now while he’s been managing work, life, and also an aging mother and family strained with the uncertainties of coming and going in the later years of her life.

Always a class act, his neon green pants accented perfectly this beautiful deep blue denim shirt and dark island complexion broad and bright smile. Just as he arrived, Patience and Devin appeared, Patience somehow perfectly matching her attire to Alexis, unplanned poetry of the moment, the perfect scent of this sudden party.

LB arrived and donuts were served and conversation and laughter and tears and gardening and care and joyfulness ensued.

Too much fun, not easy to leave, light was fading, my body stiff and cold, no internal regulation to combat the drop in temperatures, a side effect of the paralysis.

The house is dark, music plays quietly in the background, the atmosphere is creative and boisterous and joyful, I’m alone in this room writing these words, just a dining room away, lights and bustle.

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