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Kabir kadre|2 years, 3 months ago

When I started writing these entries, the world was ordinary and my life within it was in crisis. Today the world is in crisis, and my life within it has become distinctly non-ordinary.

Just off a video call with my daughter in Thailand – strange to be sharing a collective experience so acute with someone on the other side of the globe.

My friend Claire reached out today and reported that two people close to her have died from the virus. While the death counts continue to rise, these are the first and closest that the mortal impact has come to me.

Dusk has fallen to the San Diego skies, pastel hues backdrop the grey shades of wispy clouds in the foreground. I did make it outside this morning for some time in the sun and found with delight that the bees have discovered the landscape in our front yard.

A year ago the yard was in the state of decay and distress and I decided to renovate, moving the landscape back towards something indigenous and specifically friendly to the birds, the butterflies, and the bees. As the human world continues to convulse in the face of disease on a global scale, economies and social structures reverberating under the weight, it’s gratifying to know that some small effort serves at least a few of our nonhuman compatriots on this spaceship Earth.

My daughter asked what I had been working on lately. I was just off the call with the final coaching call from my research contract in Singapore (which went well) and as I rested in the appreciation of that, I realized also that a large part of my week has been spent in dialogue with others, just making our way through this strange experience.

My life today is definitely non-ordinary, I think of course so is everyone’s.

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