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Kabir Kadre

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Kabir Kadre|1 year, 10 months ago

Just after 9 PM and my third attempt to write today. I got out of bed a little after noon, filled with optimism and excitement. I really thought I was going to make a run for it and even started editing the video of the morning’s conversation.

About 50 minutes later the truth of discomfort was reasserting itself in clear terms. Right on schedule.

I woke again, Early, and fresh. In the dark quiet of the morning I looked into the sense of “Kabir” watching it come and go, the body of watching never flickering.

1 August and August was here to help me rise. Like the high mountain stream in spring Eric’s call from just the other day, and the words of Patience had grown flush with full Ness and speed. This morning we all came crashing into a pool of dialogue around how to take the embodiment of MettaCare practice and accelerate the generativity of an actual training program.

I am like sunlight and and seeds in that mountain stream, rushing down hill towards the ocean. There were seven of us on the call and we ran 10 minutes over our hour, leaving me steeped with a to do list and renewed encouragement. More than that, the conversation is picking up momentum and carrying energy in wider sweeping directions.

Afterwords I rested a little longer, growing tired from so many days in bed, blood pressure dropping to the point where efforts must be made. Not a lot of exercise reclined.

I made it up and out, Salt and coconut water to thicken the blood.

Again another moment in the sunshine. My friend arrived just as my body was compelling the return to bed. I had promised to introduce her to an initial deep dive on the bitcoin technology. This took the afternoon.

The first hints of the days waning and Cassandra arrived to share another installment of the series on sufi music with which she has become enamored. A beautiful documentary story filled with colors and sound. Labradford and I we’re doing our first solo dance together and he sat with us, intrigued and curious with the strange scenes unfolding in far away Pakistan.

I did get results from the MRI. No deep tissue injury, but some questionable issues with the spine. Mike will make it by on Tuesday and we will unpack further what we have learned and next steps to come.

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