Kabir Kadre
Kabir Kadre

Birth pains…

Kabir kadre|2 years, 7 days ago

Writing in the morning again today. Just after 10 AM, the grey is supposed to burn off not too long now and the light is beginning to shift.

My new friend, Augusto, who will be caring for me as part of the emerging mandala of new care partners slept in today for his first day and was only awoken by my texts about 20 minutes after I expected him at the front door.

I received the challenging news last evening that Miss Cassandra has accepted a full-time position elsewhere and will be reducing her hours in the next few weeks at the most.

All around me, near and far in the personal, professional, and global, the world shudders. As if giving birth.

While there certainly are some peaceful and gentle processes of childbearing, there is also that with which most of us moderns are most familiar, bloodied, noisy, strained, and even dangerous.

My heart shudders with the world, as if one. It’s nice to think of myself as strong and capable and loving and in those moments where those feelings seem hard to come by, is my work alone, and sometimes with those with whom I share care, to remember back the beautiful ecstasy of conception, and the unflinching and unconditional love for the new life which is emerging.

I started writing just after 10 AM today. It is now nearly 11:30, but I was blessed to enjoy an hour of dialogue with my dear brother David searching the crevices of our longing and aspiration for a better and more caring world.

The events in my acute physical care over the last 15 hours had been continuing to rock the ground underneath my feet, softening some sense of resolve. The conversation between my brother and I, held in the context of many others who share this prayer, has helped to reform that softened resolve into a new octave of commitment to love, to care, and to strive together to midwife this world and all of its subtle complexities into its new birth of oneness.

While those words may seem to wax poetic and perhaps even etheric, it is a true and practical oneness that holds my gaze each and every day. Not long ago, the tribes of man were many separated by oceans infinite, and eons of age. More recently, continents and nations defined these collectives. Tomorrow, all of this diversity in one, in ecosphere of interconnected and interdependent bioregions, inhabited and lovingly stewarded by a more awakened humanity.

For us, it is this eventuality or oblivion. Air travel, telecommunications, international finance, and the simple loving, compassionate, curiosity that arises naturally for one another, have predetermined our fate to realize this new birth of oneness as our right of passage into the next wave of our collective evolution.

More interviews today, and working on the next wave of crowdfunding to further ground and bring through the practical work of making our MettaCare (the care of omnidirectional aware loving kindness) a resource in this chamber of birth going forward.

My paralyzed legs have felt somehow even more uncertain of late, and I pray that it is not dilution that steels my soul to carry forward nonetheless.

In the words of the heart, Ah Ho!

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