Kabir Kadre
Kabir Kadre

Be kind…

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 11 months ago

A pleasant rising yet again with Miss Patience and Miss Faith. Patience taking the lead as tomorrow we embark together solo. Sleep came early last night, but short and thereafter elusive. Hours of darkness and mind calming, some rest, strange noises in the thought realms, and finally, morning.

My delightful daughter called, sounds of the bath splashing as she was bringing her day to a close on that far Eastern Peninsula that is home to she, her sweet partner, and the community they steward.

Apparent calm in the storm there for her as they are just starting to see their second wave of pandemic, while simultaneously bringing into place structures to support safer engagements for the participants in the school they run.

Today runs long, and the afternoon hot, just now and it’s not yet 4 PM. I wrote the previous before stepping into the garden with Patience and Faith for a quick breakfast.

The conversation turned towards the applicability of SBA loans to each of our various activities, and the morning turned into a bustle with each of us focusing on that avenue for the next little while, in my case it was a few hours.

Seeing that the training appears to have taken and that Patience was handling herself and the space with grace and elegance, Faith opted for a little more self-care today, ducking out early to go on a hike with her lovely daughter.

Patience and I moved to lunch and back into the house to manage any final clerical details of her onboarding process in the formal sense here. The day has been proceeding at a clip and I feel I’m just coming into the calm of the afternoon now.

There was a bit of a scheduling confusion this afternoon as Miss Cassandra juggles the complexities of her new job, dog sitting responsibilities, and time here, and I and the newbies juggle the balance with service providers as the backstop.

Today this means just a few hours of quiet time by myself. Patience lingered for 30 minutes while we made appraisal of the situation from here at Ground Zero. Having satisfied her initial concerns, she departed, also I think to do some self-care in nature, and I turned back to these notes of the day.

I’ll spend the remainder of the day organizing work for the next few weeks and likely considering what I can do next to continue the efforts to attract new partners. Tomorrow late morning will see a repeat attempt at an in person interview with a woman who last week was managing just enough overwhelm to make it literally 90% of the way here before balking at the idea of crossing the freeway via sidewalk.

As we know so well… There are always opportunities to care. It wasn’t long ago that I referenced this quote of unknown origin, but perhaps it is one of profound importance to us in these particular days.

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”

MettaCare intends to address this. As do I, even more personally.

And now, on to the remaining work of the day…

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