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Kabir Kadre

Baby steps…

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 10 months ago

Fresh from a treatment with Dr. Mike, in the home! We are running the test of being back up in my chair to see if osteopathy might be enough to mitigate the pressures on my spine. Right now I’m at about 30 minutes in the chair and pending.

There’s a light breeze blowing through the house, fresh summer air with just enough moisture in the sky to turn it white around the edges. I feel a little disoriented being up and about at this time of day, now so unfamiliar to me after two weeks in bed.

We’ve decided to order a steroid shot in hopes of reducing some inflammation in the lower spine region where the MRI showed both a bone spur and swollen disk. With luck I’ll get this done this week along with the further MRI of the spine on Friday.

The writing is faster today, fewer mistakes and much easier to correct when things go sideways. Nonetheless the disorientation leaves me stuttering a bit for words.

I had the privilege of working with a Wisdom Counseling client today, remembering and enjoying just how rewarding that work is.

The bedsheets have been through the laundry, the floors swept, and I’ll get a shower tonight, a nice reset today with Faith coming in the morning and Cassandra in the evening. Starting to learn the gaps in LB’s training and beginning to fill those in.

This is the second time I’m up today, I got to get breakfast in the garden, again disorienting as it’s been three days since I was up. The hummingbird came to visit new flowers are blooming in the garden.

Grabbing the few minutes I’ve been getting I’ve been getting the video recording of Saturday’s collaboration polished “good enough” to post online and was able to complete that this morning before my coaching session. Little bits of productivity, piece by piece.

I have a call out to another promising Care Collaboration candidate and hope to hear back from them soon. Another call out to the wheelchair technician, Andrew whom I haven’t spoken with in years – thankfully not have needed any maintenance we couldn’t do ourselves – hopeful that he may help us with some postural adjustments that may contribute to treating the recent discomforts.

The full moon “energy” is lingering, I didn’t sleep well, neither did a handful of people I’ve spoken to today. I’ll be curious to notice sometime when the influences of the full moon are more well understood in the mainstream of culture. ER doctors, shamen, and various other members of our extended family “get it” but what it is as yet to register with the in group of “relevant knowledge.”

I can feel some hints of discomfort returning. I’m going to try an experiment of staying in my chair but putting my feet up to watch another episode Cassandra’s wonderful find, the Music of the Mystics.

Head spinning, tasks to do, clarity comes from discipline. 😉

Also, thanks Tyler for the garden goodies! 🙂

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