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Kabir Kadre

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Elisa Sabatini|2 years, 20 days ago

Greetings, today I am serving as the guest author for Kabir Kadre as he is taking a day of rest, unfortunately not on the beach, but abed and on the mend. He is determined to not miss a day in this realm, so please enjoy this offering. ~ Elisa

I never heard the voice of Rosa Parks until this morning. In a dialog session this moment in history was played and without really absorbing the words, the sound of her voice brought tears. What was that quality in that voice that rang so deeply and clearly to me?

After reflection, I determined that it is the authentic and genuine nature of her words and character coming through from lived experience. Not someone telling a story about someone else, or from history, rather a truth that carried in Rosa’s words as she stated so genuinely that her actions were not about race, but about right and wrong. Ms. Parks showed us in her way of being how to care for each other and in that process be a free human being, caring for herself.

I am pleased to enter here with a few words about my dear friend, Kabir Kadre, who speaks with this same quality of voice when he tells the story of quadriplegia from his lived experience. His vision is, with diligence of documenting and curating his near 20 years of care, that a system has emerged that can shine a light on care for an individual and care for the caregivers. This system of MettaCare is so essential to our next steps in the world, regardless of our physical health. We all need to feel held in a caring environment to be healthy, whole and develop our authenticity through our relationships.

It is my dream that this moment in time where we are experiencing simultaneously the new versions of Spanish flu (1918), the Great Depression (1929) and the Civil Rights Action of Rosa Parks; that we will emerge in a new world with a conscious health system, a financial system that takes everyone into account and, a new human rights construct where our inner genuine nature knows right from wrong.

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