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Kabir Kadre

American day of gratitude

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 7 months ago

Thanksgiving day. Writing midday in a quiet house. Vanessa will be here in about 90 minutes, possibly with husband Dan along for the ride. She seemed pleased with the idea when I suggested last night that having him around might make a nice shape of the holiday and not feel so much like working away from family.

Really this is the kind of thing that a MettaCare disposition would have had us address a week ago at least, but in the current climate… We do what we can.

I slept soundly through the night last night. The evening’s entertainment had been My Octopus Teacher, a documentary film that has been making the rounds lately. The story of a man visiting and following an octopus through nearly all of its one year lifespan highlights the lessons of self and goodwill to be learned in the face of nature.

It’s a new nature I face today. In my youth I spent many moments of life running down the hill, ducking through the forest, climbing over the rock, and walking out onto the beach overlooking the ocean. This mind, this body, this earth… An increasing sense of harmonic oneness and transcendent awareness. Today, it’s a new nature I face.

I was in my late teens when I started to realize and recognize the synergy of awareness in nature. Today, new nature. Paralysis removes me from running down the mountainside, climbing over the boulder, but the force of nature is no less present in the pulsing throb of the cosmic eons. This ocean, this beach, this forest is present in every stitch of rubber, steel beam, and glass façade and not one iota removed from that harmonic oneness of transcendent awareness.

One week ago today I turned 18 years in a paralyzed body. Perhaps I awake just a little more to the cosmic nature teacher quality of being. In my youth, I fell from the tree, landing in the stream below, not injured, and not to wet carry-on. Today I am fallen from something else, falling and landing, wet and yet with a smile on my face.

I haven’t been recognizing the tree, the branch, the stream, but maybe if I start to look a little differently as my friend Kelly suggested just the other day, who knows what wilderness I might find.

Stephanie volunteered herself in today as I have no morning care for Thursdays just now. I woke gradually, meditated, did some study, even did some work from bed while waiting.

Nova came by just as we were finishing range of motion, I was on a call a moment with mom just to say hello for the holiday. Nova jumped right in, eagerly learning from Stephanie she was just meeting for the first time. She’s moving in down the hall today.

I came to the desk now on a call with Katie who was walking in the brisk Oregon winter while we spoke. Nova ducked out to run errands, and Stephanie prepared an omelette.

After breakfast I turned to some basic financial management tasks, with the odd out being the disposition of a foreign crypto currency exchange account that no longer accepts US customers. Not a large account, just the detailed care required for managing some of the more esoteric crypto complexities.

David called and we spent some time discussing the markets and catching them up on the state of affairs here in general.

Nova made her way back, now settling in to the front room. Vanessa arrived a few minutes behind, her husband Dan will be along later.

In 30 minutes I have an introductory call with a new friend through the GTC community. Fionn reached out to meet after we crossed paths a few times in the various developmental and evolutionary channels we apparently both frequent. I’m looking forward to meeting this new friend.

It’s cold out today by San Diego standards, clear skies, and breeze. The big red tail hawk was swooping around low in the valley just outside the window a few moments ago, his low winter shadow brushing across the luminous pine needles on the tree just across the way.

So much to be grateful for, thank you.

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