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Kabir Kadre|2 years, 5 days ago

Just popping in a quick note between moments today. A friendly nurse from the service helped me out of bed this morning and gingerly made a little food for my breakfast. “I don’t cook at all.” She said with a nervous smile.

The lovely Elisa has agreed to spend the day today, and tomorrow, and some of Tuesday with me in order to help prevent the not insubstantial costs of drawing care from the placement services. It feels like a continuing sense of the calm to have an old friend collaborating, co-working and helping with a few of the details of the day.

I tendered a new job posting yesterday on Craigslist and have been surprised at the dearth of responses. Generally speaking, there’s always some kind of additional flood of responses, many of which are noise, but at least movement. 24 hours later and I’ve seen only one reply, an architecture student and diver by resume, with no further expression of detail.

I replied to the person and will see if anything comes through. One of the caregiving agencies I was working with is owned by a friend of mine, he even offered to step far outside of protocol to see if any of his people might want to come work for me privately. “The labor market is really thin right now.” He said.

So many people out of work, so much uncertainty, so much fear. The nurse this morning was certainly agitated, saying just as much in concern for her work having to take her into so many different homes.

I’m still catching in the windows where I can an article here or there speaking to the way forward and have thought a little this morning to write on the subject of review and assessment. So often when we look back to find wisdom from the past (and there is certainly no shortage of wisdom from the past) we tend to overlook the steps that brought us from that “good place” to the anxiety of the place we stand today.

Did people really just pick up and leave Paradise, setting out for more dire situations? Was there really just one enormous bad decision that a large number of individuals made together, consciously at once to end the good life? What in our nature drives us to create our current challenges and how shall we relate to that aspect of ourselves?

Thanks to a jumpstart from Katie and Elisa in independent moments, some efforts have begun to snowball around the next wave of crowdfunding a bridge between the tenuous moments I find myself in today, and having a more fully fledged MettaCare initiative emergent in the world. We’ve completed an additional informational and promotional piece today and I’ll look forward to getting that out to the world in the coming days.

A new tone seems to be settling in, not yet one of abundance for the world, but at least some new sense of even in these strange new seas we are sailing.

Gentle steps forward, more rest perhaps, and love, always love.

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