Kabir Kadre


path to valuable insight has been unorthodox to say the least. While he holds certificates from both Pacific Integral’s now world-famous GTC training program and the MIT Sloan School of Management, his certification as a leadership professional comes from his reputation among his teachers, his peers, and his clients.

Here are a few things that these people, many of them recognized leaders themselves, have to say about him…

Tyler Orion“I’ve only known Kabir for a few years – but he will have my heart forever. He is truly a remarkable human being. Kabir skillfully blends his gifts of insight, intelligence, passion and compassion with innovative approaches to addressing enormous human systems challenges – and he does so with grace. I’ve experienced his wise counsel through the STAGES assessment. I am in awe of the broad community of intellectuals, healers and visionaries that he counts among his friends and colleagues, but not at all surprised. Kabir is a deeply authentic human being – and can bring clarity to the most complex situations. Being in Kabir’s presence creates a loving experience– a gift worth giving to yourself.”

- Tyler Orion
Technology Entrepreneurship Champion
Co-Founder, Precision Healthcare Ecosystem

Kim Barta picture“I met Kabir Kadre many years ago. Since that time I have come to know him in a variety of ways: as a peer, an organizer, a leader, a student, and a friend. In each of these situations, I have found Kabir to be filled with integrity, insight, love, compassion, introspection, and passion. His wisdom comes from authentic deep personal exploration not just academic study. I believe it is this introspection that leads to the deep felt connection that occurs when in communion with him. He finds love in each moment. Kabir has created a revolutionary care giver system. He successfully organized one of our lecture series without previous training or experience and did a fantastic job. As a student he has consistently been inquisitive, insightful and engaging, as a peer, intellectually challenging and likable, as a friend, caring and supportive. I experience him to be developmentally advanced in both mind and heart, creating that sweet balance between wise leader and compassionate companion. I encourage you to create some contact with Kabir, and discover what I am speaking about. I think you will be pleased with the results.”

- Kim Barta M.A., L.C.P.C.
Developmental Life Design.
STAGES Trainer.
Symbolic Reconstruction Developer.
Founder of Radical Courage and Shadow to Spirit.

Ross Hostetter picture“It’s been my pleasure to get to know Kabir Kadre over the last couple of years in his capacity as a coach, as a guest in his home, and as fellow thought leader who I’ve turned to for advice and counsel. I can say from first hand experience that Kabir has a unique capacity to ‘see you’ at depth in a very open, kind, and loving way— while at the same time offering a perspective that can be penetrating and extremely useful. That’s the job of a good friend. Kabir was terrific in unpacking my STAGEs assessment; giving support and advice about my new business launch; and clarifying my teaching. He’s surrounded himself with loving people and world-class thinkers. He is a very generous and very smart guy who’s overcome physical challenges that could extinguish a lesser man. Kabir has a light around him. I hope that this testimonial encourages you to reach out and experience it for yourself.”

- Ross Hostetter, J.D.
Founder of the Legal Evolution Group
Author of Visionary Fiction
Attorney, Mediator, and Arbitrator.

John Kesler picture“I have known Kabir for the past decade as a friend and dialogue partner on the state of the integral movement, developments in society, his work, my work, and as I have shared my integral polarity practice with him.  Beyond the joy of connecting with a good friend, what attracts me and so many people to engage with Kabir is the wisdom and creativity that flows out of his “beginner’s mind”.  That is, Kabir is always present to what the moment is saying to us without preconceptions and at the same time is continually bringing cutting edge perspectives to explore what might be new and fresh and possible.  This is a rare gift, which Kabir brings to enrich the explorations, the work and the visioning of individuals and organizations.

I highly recommend Kabir as profound thought partner and mentor with regard to exploring personal, interpersonal and organizational possibilities and next steps.”

- John T. Kesler
President, Salt Lake/Global Civil Network
Founder and Lead Teacher, IPP Institute

Andy picture“Deeply reflective, perpetually positive, genuinely caring with an eye always for what is healing, just and fair. Kabir possesses an innate curiosity about and reverence for the meaning of one’s inner life, one’s inner peace, and a commitment to their intersection through his wise counsel. In the two decades that I have known Kabir, he has faultlessly maintained a commitment to friendship, to relationship of trust, and a generosity of spirit that has sustained him and all those privileged to know him as friend and counselor. If his advice and counsel have great value, and they do, it is his capacity for listening that provides a true, sure pathway to the powerful self knowing that liberates those he coaches and counsels so ably.”

- Andrew Morikawa
Senior Fellow
Institute for Policy and Governance (IPG)
School of Public and International Affairs
College of Architecture and Urban Studies
Virginia Tech

Terri O'Fallon picture“I have known Kabir Kadre for many years. In the late ’90’s, we traveled together to Sri Lanka and Auroville with a research group, studying the relationship between community, sustainability and spirituality. I stood next to him when he changed his name to Kabir—recognizing that this name truly represented a deep creative seed in his being. Kabir was a thriving participant in the Generating Transformative Change program and later he supported our work on the STAGES model and became a certified scorer. Kabir has been a constant friend, colleague and spiritual brother—in so many ways we have grown up together through the years. I am so grateful. I can always share the beautiful gifts I experience in Kabir—his spiritual depth, his sharp and clear mind, his obvious developmental maturity, his creative entrepreneurial spirit, and his ethical stance in the world but with this long history we share, I treasure these roots which are always present in me—it is this whole story that settles his depth in my being beyond the beautiful surface shining.”

- Terri O’Fallon, PhD
Principle Researcher and Founder
STAGES International

Miriam picture“Kabir uses his obviously loving presence to name -and thereby invoke- the unique beauty, truth and goodness in everyone he meets. Every time we speak, I come away feeling deeply seen, connected and hopeful.

Working with him and his team opens up the world and clarifies which inspired, compassionate actions to take. I truly wish for you to experience this grounded magic.”

- Miriam van Groen
MSc Facilitator, trainer and coach

“What can we gain by sailing to the moon if we are not able to cross the abyss that separates us from ourselves?”

Thomas Merton