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Kabir Kadre


believe that it will take all of us to bring about the world we know is possible. In my own work and in my work with others, I discourage wherever appropriate the idea of win/lose competition on the world stage. The brilliant William McDonough turned my attention to the word competition and its roots:

From the Latin – com, meaning “together” and –petare, meaning “to strive”.

This is the competition to which I aspire. Here you will find listed resources to other professionals working in my field, each one of whom I would wholeheartedly endorse for their integrity and work. This list includes business consultants, training organizations, personal coaches, psychotherapists, and others. Many of them have contributed directly to my own evolution and maturation.

Terri O’Fallon — researcher/trainer/coach.Terri O'Fallon pictureTerri has long cultivated her work in the field of human development. She has taught and led individuals at every stage of life from infant, through postgraduate studies, and beyond; demonstrating equal facility with children and seasoned executives alike. Her work in the field of consciousness development is truly pioneering, and as of this writing represents, in significant ways, the leading edge of that work.
Stages International

Kim Barta — psychotherapy/coaching.
Kim Barta pictureKim Barta integrates a rich understanding of ancient shamanic wisdom, modern psychotherapy, and cutting edge insights into human development to craft truly profound and effective healing psychotherapeutic engagements and evolutionary leadership. He has worked with individuals suffering some of the most significant traumas our culture has to offer, as well as robustly privileged and gifted individuals seeking to maximize the opportunity of a human life. His work is unparalleled in many ways.
Kim Barta Therapy

John Kesler —community organization and development/training/mediator.
John Kesler pictureJohn has a passion for nurturing flourishing communities. He works both locally and globally and calls this “glocal” engagement. He works as well with individuals and collectives. With individuals and in groups he teaches IPP (Integral Polarity Practice) to lead people through a process of alternating integration and transformation. Over time this results in the practitioners greater capacity for awareness and responsibility. With collectives, he works through the Salt Lake/Global Civil Network – empowering regional collectives to collaborate more effectively to address our shared concerns. The depth of his humility in this work is matched only by the breadth of his skill and experience.
An Integral Approach to Local and Global Flourishingv (TEDx Talk)

Susanne Cook-Greuter — adult development/organizational development/creative arts/wisdom holder.
Susanne Cook-Greuter pictureSusanne holds a place of distinction in wide communities of research, practice, and application. She is a leading figure in the field of ethical, deep, and significant intelligence around the stages of development that we move through in our adult lives. What is, perhaps, most significant about Susanne is the way she holds this attention and leadership in humility; the way that she asks those of us practicing and benefiting from these insights to hold them lightly. The content that she has brought forward is powerful indeed, even more powerful is the way she teaches us to hold this power gently and to always look behind its curtain for the ever simpler truths of being human.

Ahlea Khadro — health and well-being specialist/author.
Ahlea Khadro pictureAhlea is a truly rare and deeply spiritual being and practitioner. She works with individual clients, groups online, and through her writing and other content presentation to remind us of the deep wisdom in our bodies. A medical intuitive of sorts, she works with her clients to help them become deeply in touch with habits of health and well-being aligned with the natural cycles of our lives and the world around us.

Donna Ray — embodiment/movement/Feldenkrais/psychotherapy.
Donna Ray pictureDonna is a skilled and commensurately renowned international teacher and trainer of the Feldenkrais method. Complementing this valuable skill, Donna also integrates an intelligence around the science of development, as well as traditional and shamanistic wisdom and practice. She brings this weaving together of valuable practical insights to her work with individuals, couples, families, groups, and trainings around the world.

Dana Carmen — leadership coaching/organizational consulting.
Dana Carmen pictureDana is an internationally recognized leader of organizational integration and transformation. His work focuses with visionary leaders to develop themselves and their organizations to engage the world to maximize value for themselves, their region, their industry, and the planet.

ThriveAbility Foundation — charitable foundation.
ThriveAbility pictureThe role of the ThriveAbility Foundation is to enable key decision makers in business, civil society, and investment to maximise the thrival of every single one of the key stakeholders in and around their organisation.

Pacific Integral — leadership development/training.
Pacific Integral pictureThe Generating Transformative Change (GTC) program is an internationally acclaimed an leading edge leadership development program focusing on creating deep, systemic, and integrated awareness and capacities in the participants. Their nine-month, cohort focused, learning journey transforms lives, organizations, and even industries.

Daniel Giamario — Shamanic Astrology.
Daniel Giamario pictureWhile there are many versions of astrology roaming the world from the absurd to the vastly sophisticated, Daniel’s is the latter. With the scientific mind’s eye, Daniel has traveled the world for nearly 4 decades studying and researching a wide variety of perspectives interpreting the concrete structure of our galaxy for the qualitative insights available through that perspective. As a typological methodology, Shamanic Astrology offers remarkable insights and opportunities for exploration.

A. T. Ariyaratne — community development/international relations/wisdom keeper.
Ari pictureDr. Ariyaratne “Ari” to his friends is a profound international and historic figure. In 1958 he founded the Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement of Sri Lanka, a grassroots community organization initiative that remains today as one of the world’s most significant prototypes in democracy. In recognition of this work he has received many awards, perhaps most notable of which is the 1996 Gandhi Peace Prize. Recipients of this prize include Nelson Mandela, Vaclav Havel, and Bishop Desmond Tutu among others. Though he has since turned over the leadership of that movement, he has remained active in civic duty, including organizing over 1 million people to march together and meditate for peace in Sri Lanka. He now serves as a member of Sri Lanka’s Constitutional Council.

Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement of Sri Lanka — community development/new organizational models/collective evolution.
Sarvodaya pictureFounded and evolving since 1958, this elegantly flat (versus hierarchical) model of community evolution and thriving is a leading prototype in the democratic experiment. After lifting literally hundreds of thousands out poverty over nearly 6 decades, this initiative is now engaging with evolving the major national structures of finance and government. Exposure to and inquiry into this particular example of social evolution is incredibly valuable, perhaps even to be considered a prerequisite, for anyone working with an interest in large-scale systems change.

Katie Teague — wandering mystic/storyteller/filmmaker/activist extraordinaire.
Katie Teague pictureKatie is a person of commitment and passion. She holds herself committed to following the inner wisdom and may be found working in her creative studio on image or film or other media projects. Perhaps you will capture a glimpse of her traveling deep into Latin America or into the hearts of indigenous communities here in the continental US. A self-proclaimed multimedia mystic, she honors a deep and firm commitment to bring our collective human story evermore into our creative awareness.
Katie Teague Photography

Alain Gauthier — leadership development/organizational development/collective learning.
Alain Gauthier pictureAlain has been an inspiration to me for almost 10 years. He has spent the last five decades cultivating a deeper deeper wisdom around the way we organize and collaborate to do work in the world. His latest distillation of that focus, he refers to as Evolutionary Co-Leadership. This construct of attention is a powerful leverage for facilitating creative collaboration among peers. Alain has been a thought leader since before the term was en vogue; he has lived his life as a global citizen and has worked fluently with partners and organizations all around the world. He combines the eagle eyed intelligence of executive leadership, with the radiant heart of the compassionate teacher, and the well seasoned hands of the sincere contributor. Alain is a leader for all of us.
LinkedIn Profile

Frederic Laloux — research/organizational development/collective learning.
Frederic Laloux pictureA former associate at of the world’s top business consulting firms, Frederic found himself disenchanted with business as usual in the dawning of the 21st century. He drew from this an inspired passion to inquire into the nature of what new forms of collaboration might be emerging in the world today. In particular, how might these forms be more life-affirming, more biophilic and more well adapted to thrive in our evolving contexts. From this passion, a work emerged which is now recognized globally as Reinventing Organizations. Frederic is a leader in inviting us all to look with innocent eyes, to see the prototypes living around us, and to explore new forms of creative collaboration.
Reinventing Organizations

Enlivening Edge – creative collaboration/collective learning/organizational development.
Enlivening Edge pictureSpurred on by the recognition of the movement brought about by Frederic Laloux’s seminal work, Reinventing Organizations, a learning community has emerged, a place of prototyping, sharing, and more importantly, community with a voice. That voice is Enlivening Edge, a magazine of next-stage organizations.

“By our trust in the divine beauty in every person, we develop that beauty in ourselves.”

— Hazrat Inayat Khan