Kabir Kadre

Kabir Kadre

has been deeply immersed in the field of adult and systems development for over a decade and the field of personal evolution for even longer. This focus has led to a deep understanding of the wisdom in being human – our life and work expressed through gentleness and power. As a practitioner of this wisdom, Kabir integrates the four dimensions of human development:

  • The study of personal depths
  • The development of leadership skills
  • The evolution of conscious awareness
  • The stillness of the mystery

Prior to his work in this field, Kabir spent eight years as a formal practitioner of the wisdom traditions from India, Tibet, and China and the Middle East. The foundation of these studies was forged in earlier years on the lands and wilderness of Montana and the Pacific Northwest, where Kabir spent his youth. In these early years Kabir was initiated into an ongoing appreciation for the historic peoples and traditions of the North American continent and the world beyond.

Kabir is a modern mystic with a rich sensibility for the qualities of being human that we all share. His work today involves bringing this intelligence to bear on the evolutionary challenges facing so many sentient beings. He works directly in a support capacity with individuals and collectives to know themselves more deeply, to develop their skills of leadership, and to reach ever further into the capacities of their consciousness. In essence: to awaken and lead life with the whole self.

In 2002 Kabir was initiated into yet another immersion study when the SUV he was driving across the majestic Arizona countryside lost a rear tire and sent him tumbling down the highway and into the life conditions of a spinal cord injury and quadriplegia. True to his spirit, he promptly began to relate to this condition as a great teacher and it has continued to enrich his life ever since.

In addition to his vast personal and in-depth experience working with himself and others, Kabir holds formal certifications from Pacific Integral for their world-famous GTC (Generating Transformative Change) program as well as the MIT Sloan Leadership program, U.Lab: Transforming Business, Society, And Self.


David Clemmons —

Listening is the name of the game. To words, to voices, to deep longing, to things unformed, barely moving into potential… David is a master of listening. Like so many masters before him, David grounds his attention through a remarkable practice of meditation. By foregrounding the stillness in awareness he is able to draw on discrete data as well as subtle intuition. He sources his action and response in the world from a place of inspired humility that allows incredible agility, like a mystic scientist – testing and adapting himself in and to the flow of what is arising.

Through this practice of listening, David is able to sense and speak clearly to what is truly alive in his audience. When meeting others David can appear inert, simply attentive – yet when the moment is ripe he springs spontaneously into action, bringing light to that element of the subject that is most catalytic to transformative change.

David brings a profound humility to his work, preferring the peaceful stillness of obscurity to the busyness and bluster of the limelight. Make no mistake, his feet touch the Earth with profound love at his passing – love for all of humanity, endless generations before and into the future. David has long ago left the journey of satisfying a solitary life and taken up the yoke of deep service to all beings.

Through his work nurturing the field of VolunTourism, David continues to affect the lives of extraordinary numbers of individuals, leveraging the movements of hundreds of millions to affect positive change for the planet. As a founding partner of MettaCare, David actualizes his insights in service to the evolution of the field of healthcare.

“Often we think that we can buy wisdom. People have spent lots of money trying to do that, but they are unable to accomplish very much. It is very important to realize that wisdom cannot be bought or sold, but wisdom has to be practiced personally. Then we begin to realize the value of wisdom. It is priceless.”


~ Chogyam Trungpa