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Kabir Kadre

A prayer for sound sleeping…

Kabir Kadre|2 years, 5 months ago

It is with eyes dim and weary that I make my way to scribe these brief threads. Just back from two hours in the hot seat – seriously, the seat was heated – as Cassandra and I made our way back from our visit to North County.

Of course we lingered on the coast, being inland folk as we are, we decided to value taking in that sweet breath and visual of the ocean afforded by this narrow privilege of living along the beach. That plus Roberto’s (“good ingredients,” they say) added about an hour to the journey give or take. When faced with the question “ocean or freeway,” I’ve got to be in a pretty big hurry to choose the latter.

I didn’t sleep particularly well last evening. Something, it seems likely with my digestion, kept ringing my bell and so my sleep was broken in with some sustained periods of wakefulness. Morning came crawling, like a prayer for something far away, and left its spaciousness somewhere in the dead of night.

The first news, was the unfortunate recount of Greg’s ill health. His 7 AM anticipated arrival, kind of a salvation from the purgatory of early morning was not to be. Taking this in and exhaling a prayer for his speedy recovery and well health, I re-modulated my interior expectations for the course of the morning, and perhaps the day.

Three hours of today were spent in the car, enjoying the company of Cassandra, and listening to podcasts. Another portion was gladly spent bathing in the sun’s rays on the patio of our destination. Still another was spent touring the Galactic spaciousness of 175,000 ft.² of commercial property where we might have something to offer in the service of transforming healthcare in the coming decade. None of us alone, just a small contribution mind you. 🙂

In any case, the space was cold and good deal of my energy went into maintaining a thermal homeostatic equilibrium. All of this just to say, it is with eyes dim and weary that I write these words.

I do hope I get out some meat worth sharing before my efforts give in and surrender to posterity whichever words have made the page.

So what I didn’t do today: mind the upkeep of financial processes – first thing tomorrow; work on the business plan for car sharing with Cassandra; keep up on my study of the field of crypto assets. Truly the hour between arriving home and turning my attentions to dinner and bed will have been wholly devoted to a couple of quick email, and this work of sharing these reflections.

What is transformation? This question was explored in a distinctly interesting way, to my mind, in the conversation of the first podcast (Climate Changes at Every Stage – Guests: Gail Hochachka and Terri O’Fallon), the subject of much of our morning drive north.

“Adaptation” in each and all together of Ken Wilber’s 4 quadrants (https://integraleuropeanconference.com/integral-theory/) results in the “emergence” of transformation. I’ll have to check back in time later, but I think that might be something of what I’m up to right now. Building emergent transformation through application of various adaptations. Of course we’ll see if I pull it off and if, after all it fires.

Course we might also take the perspective the transformation is inevitable, always occurring, and will certainly appear to have occurred when we look in the rearview mirror at some point in the future. 🙂

Having made our way mostly through that, and circled about a few times to unscramble the dyslexia (of course I almost wrote dysreflexia 😉 of address members, Cassandra and I landed not too far behind schedule and right on time at the most intentional element of our day, a tour with dear Mike and the rest of the Project Apollo crew (https://projectapollo.me) of the coming end much-anticipated North County wellness center.

Our four-part engagement began with a gathering in the sun where we caught up to Mike just completing his previous meeting and were privileged to enjoy just “hanging out” time as our little band gathered, trickling in one by one. The warmth in my body grew, like in a lizard until we were ready for phase 2.

Next, bundling up, we headed indoors to high metal ceilings and concrete floors, well capturing the winter chill. Out came the blankets and down coats, and the brilliant sparkle of Mike describing what was to be for the space. I’ll leave that unveiling for another venue, or perhaps just another post. My energy is waning…

Phase 3 was more reflective conversation in the sun on the spot where our gathering had begun.

Finally we finished, once more indoors, just a little overcooked, with some further conversation about how best to move forward with the energy of Project Apollo. This conversation was undoubtedly seasoned by the inspiration of the space around us.

My brain is full, but the story goes on…

Other than the beautiful Pacific Ocean, the reasonable burrito, the lovely company and the dense traffic, the ride home was occupied largely by listening to a podcast presenting Zachary Stein: 13 Social Miracles For a Time Between Worlds (https://musingmind.org/podcasts/zachary-stein-13-social-miracles) good quality density to really ensure my brain was done for the day.

It is now. Love to you my dear Charles, thank you for wading on with me, even when the journey might be weighted down with tired words. 🙂

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