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A little nudge…

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 11 months ago

Saturday started out sleepy, sometime shortly after 5 this morning I began to stir into the dawn. Gradually I rose, thankful to feel rested and spacious for a meditation.

Big day, I thought, anticipating getting out of bed for the first time in about 40 hours. MRI of the pelvis is scheduled for the earliest appointment, Tuesday afternoon (Really nearly appointment was 8 AM on Tuesday, but that’s not quite reasonable for me.) Interview with our promising candidate for Care Partner scheduled for 10 AM.

I finished my meditation about 20 minutes to the hour and set about the first pass on my morning inbox – email, to do, etc. Patience arrived just at seven and after a brief check-in we got started getting me up for the day.

We told stories of our various travels to one another as we limbered my body and checked to see the many ways my health is improving, toenail healing, bowel even better, backside as well, little treatment and dressing and, a bit anxious to see how I would do, move from bed to wheelchair.

It felt good to be up again, as it does, and going through the familiar morning hygiene routine, by 9:30 AM I was outside in the sunlight, taking in the roses and long morning shadows.

High on the to do list was to get things organized on my desktop computer to refine any possible workflows I might later do digitally from bed, still uncertain if I would remain upright or if the week’s discomforts would return driving me back to the incline position.

Looking for breakfast we found the ripe pineapple waiting on the dining room table and a few apples needing attention in the refrigerator. Add a little spaces, the last of the ghee, and a little stewing on the stove along side the chia morning porridge and we were on our way towards something simple but somehow decadent to start the day.

Our new friend arrived some few minutes early, calling on the phone to say “I think I’m here.”

“Then come on in through the open garage!” 🙂 I replied and a few moments later we had a face to the cheerful and engaging voice we had enjoyed on the telephone just a few days before. Just finishing up a task I invited the gentleman to investigate what Patience was up to in the kitchen and I would be out in just a moment.

The conversation went well. Like old friends catching up we wandered subjects while Patience continued preparing the feast. Eventually we made our way into the garden to eat and the interview turned to brunch, the conversation and atmosphere of friendship continuing to deepen.

In the end of the interview was nearly three hours and we, enthusiastically had an enthusiastic new Care Partner, eager to learn more about the nature and application of our MettaCare endeavors.

Patience began to clean up and I went back to work at the desk. Discomfort had onset probably an hour or so after raising, though not nearly so bad as in days past. Continue to persist, but not quite reaching any threshold that would drive me from my seat.

As we wound our way towards mid afternoon I was beginning to think I might need to negotiate with my enthusiasm to keep working and perhaps return to resting for a while. Just as I thought I might convince myself otherwise I got a call from the agency, the afternoon support person had turned up unavailable just an hour before we expected them. The implicit message was clear, Time to recline.

Anticipating a four hour window of solo time, we moved quickly to settle me in bed for the day, wrapping up loose and as we move through the house. Then, as Patience was putting the finishing touches on tucking me in, the doorbell rang, the care coordinator from the agency had decided to step in last minute and bring support. This created a graceful transition for Patience who was otherwise prepared to stay a little later to get me a snack.

So here I am now, late afternoon, the traffic/ waterfall/ chime orchestral choir setting the soundtrack and making my way peacefully into the evening with cheerful new company and multiple threads of friendly words on the text channels.

I will likely stay close to bed again tomorrow. There is much to be done, but I’m getting the sense that healing is occurring with me off my feet. I’m planning to engage the day in fits and starts, sending in little scrimmages to knock out one little project before returning to bed for a while, and then another, repeat.

Patience has offered to stay long tomorrow and Elisa will be around as well so there will likely be an atmosphere of teamwork and co-creativity which is something to look forward to for now.

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