Kabir Kadre
Kabir Kadre

A little earlier…

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 11 months ago

After feeling poorly for the afternoon yesterday, I slept a bit lightly and slept in for an hour this morning. The discomfort gone and feeling a bit delicate and with care confirmed only through noon I decided not to push out of bed for the morning and stayed in place instead.

The agency sending care for the afternoon lost capacity and I’ve been waiting for a callback from them for the last 90 minutes to determine how to handle the afternoon and evening. Care is still scheduled for 7 PM that with something else can’t be arranged I will likely try to move that forward to refresh food and water.

The day outside is hot and I’ve button up the house and fired up the AC in my bedroom. Also pending is updates from Dr. Mike on the results of the MRI scan – now in, but are waiting for an opening in Mike’s incredible schedule for diagnosis.

I’ve managed to tend to a few minor details this afternoon from advancing the care search for new partners and helping out a friend with some computer issues, but otherwise feeling low-energy and a little bit at bay with technology.

Managing something as simple as a doodle poll online turned out to be more cumbersome than the energy on hand would rise to. I have scheduled another MRI, this time of the spine in case further looking is warranted. Again this is a week out though the lovely friend on the other end of the line did put me in the STAT cue in case something might come open earlier.

Deep down I can feel my spirit remains strong, closer to the surface things have began to feel as though a little more effort is needed and commensurate without the balance of task to video has started to slide as it has in the past with extended stays in bed.

Into the afternoon began to realize I was being optimistic with my strength and decided with all the various pressures in play to go ahead and reach out for help. Elisa cheerfully agreed to pop by with an evening meal. With like the Friday evening traffic is still truncated in light of goings on and her journey will be easy.

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