Kabir Kadre
Kabir Kadre

314,746 words later

|2 years, 1 day ago

July 2, 2020 at 15:38:37 PDT

314,746 words later, I’m switching journals.

I’ve been using one product which I liked for its easy ability to copy HTML on my blog site…

Today when I brought it up, I learned that it had lost data, a crime for writing software that I find unacceptable.

This acted as motivation and I switched from the classic app I was using to the modern number one rated software for the purpose of journaling on the Mac platform today.

Of course as I started writing on that platform, I immediately saw that my out of date voice transcription software, no longer in production, and faltering more with each passing week, was unusable on that platform.

So I’m biting the bullet and upgrading my operating system. I’ll be moving to the new Apple built-in voice transcription solution intended to serve individuals like myself with limited ability to control keyboards and the like.

The Devil you know, they say. I’ve held out for three years now, time to go marching into this techno future of ours in the realm of accessibility… Wish me luck.

I’m finishing writing this today on my phone while the computer seems to be taking its sweet time to update.

Faith took me this morning to the urologist on the hospital campus for an annual check up and follow up on the very disconcerting catheter change we had a few weeks ago.

No sign of what may have been bleeding, overall reports good, with no concern and no need for follow up until next year‘s appointment.

At least there’s that.

Meanwhile I’ve managed to launch phase 2 of the fundraising campaign with only minor hiccups in the process, and will be seeing an old friend, a bit long-lost, who may also be interested in coming to help me out with some of the caregiving support.

All good news.

Much to do, may have to figure out now how to publish this f rom my phone.

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