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Kabir Kadre

3 inches forward…

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 10 months ago

Cold air raining down from the AC, my little R2 unit by the desk spraying hot air up at me to quell the dysreflexia, it’s almost as though I was oblivious to the electricity conservation needs of the moment.

The early evening light is yellow again and smoke continues to drive its way south, and perhaps north. No fires directly near us here, but plenty of concern to go around… And flames.

Thump, thump, goes the sound of LB on the ceiling, or rather on the roof side of the ceiling, blowing down the pine needles from the gutter. He’s keeping himself distracted as he battles the identity crisis set forth by having his basketball contract formally canceled yesterday.

Emotions as such are not a familiar territory of his exploration which makes our little context here quite a unique and perhaps well-timed experience in his life’s young and unfolding journey. Stephanie, on her departure today leaned over naturally and gave me a hug, a surprising and pleasant confirmation of what really has seemed to me a rich surge in the coherence of our little community becoming here.

I’ve heard whispers and am comfortable out on a limb to say that it appears as though pretty much everyone here right now is experiencing a rather delightful sense of admiration and appreciation for everyone else here right now.

To be fair… My friend August has yet to quite land in a sense of anything more than simply “coming to work” to “do a job” and really mostly just on his own agenda. A few weeks back he announced on arriving for his shift that day (one of three weekly) that he would be cutting his days hours by 40% that day, and each subsequent Wednesday and Friday thereafter.

Last week I informed him that I had found coverage for the full shifts on those days and would only need service on Saturdays going forward. I’m still leaving an opening that what is happening here might penetrate his sense of isolation, but not particularly optimistic at this time that he is on board with the collaboration to build which is the essence of the growing collective intent.

While Stephanie filled the house with her energy today, making beautiful, making rich, and making joy with others, Patience passed through to get some work done with clients on the phone and wait for car to be repaired. She was here and free just-in-time to join the Project Apollo monthly call that I never imagine I’ll have time for, but in the end can never refuse.

Today was no different in that regard, I would just a few minutes late to the call having felt the need to cram a few last minute tasks in. By the end of the four hours, I couldn’t imagine a place I might’ve felt more richly rewarded, or well received in my offering. Project Apollo is a community of peer patients, entrepreneurs, educators, doctors, storytellers, and scientists that have been convening a rhythmic intent for nearly 3 years now to impact the healthcare system with a more resounding patient empowerment.

Slowly, gently, energy in that collective has continued to build and each day in that context feels somehow intensely and slightly more potent than the day before. This initiative is woven intimately now into the threads of MettaCare and the collaborative support of that community seems to surge my vitality forward with each whisper of engagement.

A day well spent.

Just as I was backing away from the end of that call, the phone rang and Katie’s smiling face shimmered onto the screen. I always feel unreasonably close to Katie, though we speak only a handful of times each year it never appears to me as though we’ve been apart for even a moment when we do.

Katie was walking in the heat and wilderness of the Oregon Mountain countryside, I was sitting in the air-conditioned birds nest of the “sunroom” here at Mill Peak. We laughed and cried, invoked life and death, spoke of science and the messages of dreams, discussed creative endeavor and settling down to the earth. In the end we measured our conversation, did we move love 3 inches forward together? Yes, I think we did. Job well done.

Dinner is next, maybe dinner and a movie. Somehow, despite the pain in my body, it feels like I can breathe again.

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