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Kabir Kadre

Summer heat :-)

Kabir kadre|2 years, 1 month ago

Yesterday was a day of conversations. Dialogues of increasing nuance. Really, this was the bulk of my experience.

The morning opened about an hour long conversation troubleshooting and identifying a good home router solution for a friends house.

Then the little work of housekeeping for the business and client processes, most of which has gone quiet for the moment, likely pending a little more promotional work on my end. This is something that will wait until I have completed focus on the initial MettaCare project proposal and the continued fundraising efforts’s to support that bridge.

The next conversation was with my friend DeAunne to catch up a little personally and to investigate and develop my participation in the Project Apollo “patient timeline project.” Initially intended to be a review of my medical record and health tracking files and organization system in order to begin to translate that into a more data rich format, our conversation rather ranged far across the possibilities, challenges, and questions related to the seed subject, but extending well into fields of medicine, research, and future oriented perspectives.

What we had intended to last 90 minutes ended up being a 150 minute conversation that could easily have gone another hour at least.

Finishing that, it was time for a late lunch with moments to spare before Courtney got out the door for her appointment to donate blood, and then a few quiet moments while Cassandra made her way from the auto repair shop where she had suddenly needed to leave her car.

She arrived and we had a few nice moments to check-in and catch up and then I was off to the next conversation, this time with a geographically diverse group of international individuals focused on emergent models of practice in self-care, relationships, and business with the intention to move towards a more global harmony.

My friend Kelly had stumbled on the idea, perhaps not much more than a month ago and with the help of a close friend had managed to pull together a website and a broad enough invitation that yesterday found 30 of us participants joined together eagerly to discover what she and her presenter would be inviting us to explore – in this case the role of intuition and resonance in guiding business decisions and teams.

The presentation was short, heartfelt, and content rich giving we the participants just enough substance to really get curious for breaking out into small groups with plenty of time to explore the perspectives coming up in response through each of us. The 30 minutes I spent in my little group, with one of the organizers and a gentleman who had just quit his sales job a month before the pandemic to open up a heart centered healing business with his wife.

For a group of strangers, we went deep quickly and in no time at all I felt like connected to these two people, and through them to the larger nascent community as a whole.

Coming out of our group sessions there was nice space to reflect together with some last-minute questions for the presenter before our time together was up. When the call did end and people started leaving, I found myself compelled simply to wait as the numbers dropped and a moment later, there I was again in the same little breakout group plus my friend Kelly. We all honored, with the light, the synchronicity and spent another 30 minutes together reflecting on the process that had just occurred and exploring novel ways to keep the energy moving.

I have a look, but I know some of that is in my morning inbox now, waiting to be uncovered.

It’s going to be a hot day and Courtney has just assembled breakfast which we will take outside to capture a few moments of the fresh and beautiful morning before retreating back indoors to shutter ourselves away from the heat of the day.

Looking forward to it, all around…

Today I’m hoping to get through schedule portion of the development of the next fundraising video, and I’m excited to develop the content and get it out as an effort to push us over the initial goal line, wish me luck!

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