Kabir Kadre
Kabir Kadre


We trace the evolution of this word to the Latin root, “to see” and the ancient Sanskrit root for “knowledge.” Seeing and knowing, or observation and interpretation, precondition any choice or action we take. From this we see, wisdom is essential to our everyday lives. Bringing understanding to wisdom is an important practice, yet doing so can often present a challenge.

Wisdom is present in every moment of the world today, but what wisdom, and whose? How do we recognize and engage with wisdom? Do you have the wisdom, or does it have you?

There is a deep wisdom inherent in being you. It is an ancient wisdom, and freshly new to this moment. The greater our awareness of this natural and spontaneous phenomenon, the more we feel ourselves an expression of the richness, vitality, and beauty present in abundance everywhere.

Make no mistake, this is about work. A beautiful, playful, and sometimes painful, but always uniquely valuable work. When you do this work, the world becomes your lover, and each new moment your sacred opportunity to express the love that you are – and to have that reflected back to you.

We do not draw a boundary without defining value; we cannot take a perspective without revealing beauty.